Why is the speed of your website critical to its traffic and overall success?


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When we visit a site and wait longer for it to load than expected, it causes boredom and nervousness to happen. If a website takes too long to appear on screen the visitor will leave the site without a second thought for another faster site to find what they are searching for.

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Why is the loading speed of a website so important?

  1. 1. Speed is important to Google

Google rewards sites that have clean code and load quickly.

The loading speed of a page is one of the 200 determining factors that Google uses to determine a page's ranking. Although one may think that speed would not play an important role to page ranking it should not be ignored as it has been proved not only to improve the ranking of a page but also its organic traffic.

 2. 2. Speed improves user experience.

The above reason is widely known and accepted. Just remember how many times you left a page because it took too long to load or didn't load at all. According to a research, 47% of internet users expect a website to load in less than 2 seconds and 75% of online consumers would rather visit a competing site than wait for a slow site to load.

In short, if you want visitors to stay on your website longer and make more online purchases you should ensure that your site loads in less than 2''.

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Why may cause a website to load slowly?

There are many reasons why a web page does not load fast. To determine what causes low loading speed you have to first examine your web hosting provider.

Choosing a hosting provider that is highly responsive and meets your needs is a sound business move. A cheaper web hosting provider may save you money at first, but may hurt your business in the long run if it is not reliable.

If you have chosen the right provider, then your website loading problem may be caused by the following most common factors:

Image files: Some image files used on your page may be responsible for its slow loading. These are usually PNG and JPEG images that are of much higher resolution than needed. PNG type images are better used as icons or logos, while JPEG type files are more suitable for photos.

Incompatible Browsers, Plug-ins and Apps: For instance Flash Player is a plug-in that can highly affect the loading speed of a web page and is not compatible with most mobile devices. You should always check how fast your page loads on different browsers and devices.

Too many ads: Besides the fact that no one likes lots of ads, their presence may be the reason behind a slow loading site.

Poorly written code: Is your site slow? It's probably because of the website’s code. You may need to consult your developer to "clean up" your website’s code.

Design: Effective and clear design of your page not only creates an attractive visual effect and a better navigation experience for its visitors, but also allows your page to load faster.

Content from External Sources: If your site includes videos or images from external sources, it can negatively affect its speed because there may be problems on the page from which you have embedded them on your site. The solution here is to have your site content "hosted" on your own server.

Now you know that the speed of your site plays a key role for the success of your digital strategy and affects many aspects of it, from SEO to the percentage of page visitors that convert into leads.

In fact Amazon calculated that a page load delay of one second would cost them $1.6 billion in sales!

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