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Why choose WordPress as the platform for your website?

Wordpress first came out in 2003 and was one of the first platforms to be used for blogging sites though it quickly evolved into a widely used platform. Over 65 million websites are powered by WordPress. Even big companies such as New York Times Blogs, People Magazine, Play Station, CNN and others prefer WordPress as their website platform.

The WordPress platform is free and is supported by a dedicated team that works quickly on theme and plug-in options to meet the goals or needs of any website.

WordPress plug-ins can serve all kinds of websites from blogging sites, organizations or businesses to e-commerce stores and even social networking communities.

There are various platforms one can use. However, WordPress still ranks as the best platform for web design and ease of management.

Many expert studies show that over 30% of websites worldwide use WordPress, with the numbers increasing on a daily basis.

WordPress is an open source platform, meaning you can easily modify the code whenever you need to.

WordPress is flexible and can meet the needs of nearly any project while maintaining its ease of use.

WordPress has over 31,000 plug-ins and over 2,600 themes online. It is also SEO-friendly so with proper search engine optimization a website built with WordPress can rank higher in search engines fast and easy.

WordPress has a huge social forum moderated by its employees and its fanatic supporters meaning you can find there any answer to whatever question you have. You can also get help for whatever issue concerning the use of WordPress you may encounter.

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