Advertising: Google Ads - Facebook Ads - Instagram Ads

What are Google Ads?

Google Ads is the advertising platform of Google which enables you to create online ads that reach users at the exact moment they show interest in your products and services through keyword searches and helps bring them to your website.

Google controls over 97% of searches in Greece and around 92% worldwide.

What are Facebook Ads

Facebook advertising allows you to display your products or services to your target audience, with as little or as much cost as the limit you have set for your ad.

Facebook Ads allow you to choose where your ad will be displayed (in the News Feed, on the desktop or on mobiles, in third-party applications on Facebook, or in the right column).

About 7.14 million of Greeks have an account on Facebook and about 4 million have an account on Instagram.

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How do I know which of the three types of ads is the right one for me (Google-Facebook-Instagram Ads)?

Both Google Ads and Social Media Ads give you various targeting options.

You can show your ads based on many criteria like age, region, interests etc.

At first, you have to think who your potential customers are and where are they more likely to search for you, which is determined most likely by the nature of your products or services.

Do you have a business that people are more likely to find through a Google search, or a business people will most likely notice on Social Media (Facebook-Instagram)?

A general rule is that products or services concerning lifestyle such as cosmetics, clothes, bags, jewelry, accessories get more searches through Social Media.

Whereas, if you have a car repair shop, a law office or a business with more general products and services, users will choose Google to perform their searches.

On the other hand, you may need advertising on all kinds of media if you own a restaurant or a hotel. It all depends on the nature of your business and the type of audience your business has.

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Advertising costs (Google Ads – Facebook Ads – Instagram Ads)

The advertising costs vary. They depend on many parameters such as the keywords you have chosen, how specialized the targeting is, which industry you operate in, etc. To give you an idea of the cost per click that Google charges, it can be from a few cents up to 50 euros...

In general, Google Ads cost a little more than Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads, about twice as much.

No matter which type of Ads you will choose, one thing is for sure, that you will gain more online visibility as far as search engines are concerned, increase the traffic to your website and as a result get more conversions (phone calls, downloads, sales etc.).