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What is Google Search Console and how can it help my website to rank in Google's directories?

Google Search Console is a series of free Google tools that help  forperformance of your website to index but also in ranking on Google.

we will try to present you as simple as possible to understand the search console menu.

Performance on Search results

We can see the keywords with which your website has appeared (impressions) or received clicks in Google's organic results. Next to each keyword you will see the impressions (number of impressions of your website), the clicks it has received and its average ranking in Google's organic results with specific keywords. If we see that a keyword is getting a high volume of impressions but few clicks (i.e. low CTR%), then our content title needs some changes because it is not motivating users to click.

Pages indexing

Here we see the pages of your website that Google has in its database


Sitemap is essentially the map of your website. This helps Google find each page of our website and locate it.

Page experience / Core Web Vitals

It gives you information about speed issues of your website and how mobile friendly it is.

Mobile Usability

It informs you about the pages of your website that have display problems on mobile devices.

Security Issues

It tells you if your website contains malware so we can make it safe again.

International targeting

We see the country that has been declared as a priority for the appearance of your website in Google's organic results. For example, if the main country that your website is targeting is Greece and Italy is declared in this section, then it will be difficult for Greece to rank highly in Google.


Here they appear backlinks of your website which play an important role in achieving a high ranking in the Google directories.

Definitely one of the best tools for it SEO (Search Engine Optimization) of your website because it provides improvement suggestions for correcting basic errors that arise on your website and affect its ranking in the Google directories.

We e-webs know how to set up and fully utilize the entire range of Search console tools in order to get the best possible cataloging result for your website.

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