Website Design


In our digital age a website is considered a must for every business, especially when approximately 62% of the world's population and 80% of the Greek population uses the internet on a daily basis and these percentages are rising.

A website is the digital image of your business, your ongoing online presence. Having a website helps promote your business and sales since your products and services are online 24 hours a day, all year round. A website increases your credibility in relation to your competition.

Domain name (Your name on the Internet)

The domain name is your online business identity, by which one can find you on the internet. To choose the right domain name you should consider the following:

Choosing a name that is representative of your business (e.g.
Choosing a name that is short or not too long like e.g.
Choosing a domain name that your customer will remember. We can provide you with assistance in making the right choice of domain name for your online business.

At e-webs we create successful websites because we work under certain professional guidelines.

Market Research – Competitive Analysis

Once we define your business sector and have a clear picture of your needs, we perform online market research and competition analysis in order to ensure that your products, services and brand will be promoted online in a successful way.

WordPress Platform

On all our websites, we use Wordpress as it is the most popular, easy to manage, user and SEO-friendly content management software in the world.

Search engines (eg Google) recommend WordPress because of its well-written code which allows Google to read it easily.

Premium Custom Design & Responsive Design

We design premium custom visuals for your website in accordance to your preferences and needs with eye-catching results. We create websites of a unique design and modern layout that highlight your products, services and overall business.

Responsive Design enables website compatibility with mobile devices (smartphones) adjusting the website to the user’s behavior and environment based on screen size, platform and orientation.

According to website traffic statistics, today, view rates stem about 50% from smartphones and 50% from computers.

Ranking of your website in search engines (e.g. Google)

The world's largest search engine is Google with over 3.5 billion searches per day.

We create your website, services and products using SEO techniques (Search Engine Optimization), that conform with the ranking rules of Google and all search engines.

Support and training of our customers

Being next to our customer is one of the main elements of our business practice and we aim at keeping it so.

We provide:

Backups of your website on our server, so we can rescue or prevent any loss of data, in case a problem arises.

A fast and secure server for your website.

Training of your website admin dashboard with the option of live and remote management.

We perform on your behalf any changes that you want for your website and which you can’t or have no time to perform yourself.

Upgrades and maintenance of your website.

Need help with your website?
We are here to help you at a reasonable cost and with respect for your investment.