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Web Hosting

Web Hosting

Website hosting is the service that offers internet hosting to websites on special computers (servers).

When someone wants to view your website and clicks on your domain name ( their computer connects to your server and your website is displayed through your browser.

Think of the domain name as your business address and hosting as the place where your products/services are kept.

Owning a website requires both a domain name and web hosting. The subscriptions of both services have to be renewed regularly before their expiration date.

If your domain expires, it means that your website no longer has an address, so someone can't find you online, but it will also be available for purchase as a name by another user if you don't renew it in time.

If the hosting expires, it means that your website has an address, since you have the domain, but at this address there will be no files of your website for the interested party to see.

The loading speed of a website is one of the main factors that affect a website’s ranking at the search engines (eg Google) and hosting affects loading speed. User navigation should also be easy and fast. Fast loading websites are rewarded by ranking better at Google's organic search results.

At e-webs we provide hosting that uses new generation NVMe technology disks which in relation to SSDs, provide even higher writing and reading speeds enhancing your website performance from your server’s point of view.

We perform three file backups per 24 hours on all our websites to secure our customer data and their e-mails in case a technical problem occurs.

We guarantee the high performance and smooth operation of our customer’s websites and offer 100% technical support wherever needed.